The Way Beyond

Elder Wisdom - The Way Beyond

If you feel anxious and uncomfortable do you turn away or look further? Best to go through to the core of it because in Circular Science it will come around continually until embraced and then another problem comes forward. This is all of life: a quest, a "Hero's Journey," as Joseph Campbell called it. People have been pointing the way forever and no one really listens until their attention is caught: by troubles or by picking up the signs. If you are unconscious the tip of the spindle will prick you. In this case it is the motion and the activity that is the deception and the lie. What is Truth is The ,Way Beyond.

If all of this life is movement, what happens when you stop? When you stop pressing into and creating drama or resisting? It is the "Gap" when motion stops, or the breath stops. The Gap is where the possibility exists. It is a crack in the solidity of time, of being, in that certainty of solid ground where there is nothing to stand on but opening, allowing the Beautiful Graceful Beyond. It happens at the peak of Orgasm and it happens in Meditation or Contemplation or in activities that take you into “The Zone.”. It is a form of Grace you can’t buy, or take a workshop, or achieve it from something you are doing. It’s nothing you deserve. It comes in its own time as a gift of recognition, and turning towards the One.

In the end we are in an Ever Present Now. There is No-Thing else. Only memories. Creating positive uplifting memories is part of it, as well as accepting, embracing, and diving into the Shadow where the treasures lay. “Life is suffering,” as the Buddha said. There are other ways: with dharma and practice you can get into the drivers seat and orchestrate a life that is reality as Revelation from Within. Reveal yourselves!!! Get in touch with the things that are calling to your heart and go there. Be that. Just do it. Just Be it….. what ever that looks like,..what ever it takes.



July 23, 2019

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