Re-Memember Your Self Beautiful

I figure I am traveling backwards through my 20’s. I am about 24 years old but my mind is 67. I have the calm and the knowing of an elder and I see you coming to me with your anxiety. Up all night on speed and ecstasy having drunk so much so as not to feel the rising panic. Sweating and shaking and you are only 18 .

I say, “just take three days away from it all.” You feel great and now it's the week end and you dive under the waves again forgetting what it took to get you feeling good again and so the cycle repeats.

You shout over each other getting louder and louder. You took three days off and became clear and pure again. But the minute it ended you drank your coffee and you ate your wheat and cheese and now you are tired and lethargic again. Can't get out of bed. Irritated and angry, shouting and not listening when you where at yoga and you had it all. You had vibrancy and excitement and idealism. Now you are stuck again at the bottom of the trough.

I am here to remind you that when you lose your practice, or when you have no practice, you are lost. Practice is just that. You do the exercise the routine until Grace catches you up and it is a rock to stand upon. Breathing in itself is a great practice. Being present to the breath. That breath that is gifted on birth and leaves at death. Breathing is brilliant.

The mind will continuously be busy. It will think this and that and none of it is important. Stillness is important. Presence is important. Being calm and real and feeling the wind and sun on your skin. Not running away from feeling but being real and present and here.

I need you to hear. I need you to stand with me in order to change the unconscious, programmed, mind numbing, hypnotic trance we've been encompassed by. Thrill seeking, addictive, repetitive spell…lets be spell breakers.

If you have all your wits about you, you would not harm yourself or each other. We have been lock stepped into a societal self destructive pattern in order for those to harvest our basest emotions. These things live and they are able to be harvested and taken in order to feed a bottomless pit of hell.

No matter what the name you call it: religion, media, government…step outside of it. Step outside of the norm. Get outside the box. Refresh yourself. Use that reset button. Come back and discover who you truly are.

You are good at Centre. You are Whole and Holy. You are the only one capable of getting yourself out of this prison. How? Through stillness, practice, and discipline. It will take you there, to yourself, and you are beautiful. Don't take the pill of escapism just for a momentary opening only to have the door slammed in your face. You get a glimpse of beauty and then it's ripped away. Make beauty ever lasting. Become beautiful.

(Written 2016 after time in Ibiza as Chef at Finca Organica)

Mike Poser - I Took a Pill Last Night- Ibiza

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