The Inner Net of the Heart

We are the Living Light Houses, positive attractors, that draw those who would have us to our hearts which shine like beacons in the night.

We become more and more ourselves, authentic and authenticating, as we drop more into our hearts and become more of what we love and that which we tap into (what we put our attention on) we cease to exist for those who are caught in the fear-based world. To the ones who are the controllers - they do not see us: they do not value what we value nor do they speak the same language.

“The Spell is being broken," as David Icke says, and "We are living in a different reality.” Our eyes have been opened and we see them, they see us not. We hear their hollow words but they can not decipher our song. We sing a love song that is a reflective Uni -Verse ) One love song sung in our Note, frequency, At-Tune-ment , At-One-ment coming from Source with no beginning or end.

As we gather on the inner and we reach out to one another there is an attraction and we hear the cal and at the same time, we are summoning one another. As we sit in meditation and commune with nature, as we connect with our inner Self, we tune into that small voice that has been constantly broadcasting a love song from the Heart of Hearts. We embody and amplify that in-tuition, that inner Teacher.

Tag, we're it! signal and call out to one another in your communities - unite heart to heart. Nothing can overcome the Love Re-volution, turning once again to who we have, in truth, come here to be as a

re-member-ance, a calling back the parts to Holiness. We turn to face ourselves and one another and sing our hearts out, dance our hearts out, create together in One Love Song. This is beyond anything that can be bought or sold. This is the reason we are here to recognise one another and bring forth our gifts, our warmth, and connect to the Inner Net of our Hearts. Maryma Titirangi, Auckland New Zealand April 12, 2020.

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