Tuning In For Reception

We are the Living Lighthouse

With in every Body there is a homing device that defines the Sacred Sanctuary from which we came. This signal that emanates from deep with in, receiving and broadcasting the strands of the codes of the DNA that travel through us, in and outside of time. We are the Living Libraries, the Akasha, that holds the Temple Templates of those that came before us, streaming out a wake on the Great Waka of our Ancestors, sung from The Great Future Ourselves,calling us towards the Promise of Our Beings we made before we transition in and out of form. It is a Love Song Sung in our Many Names.

In order to be available to receiving we prepare ourselves by Tuning In. InNourish Offers programs in Tissue Cleansing, Yoga & Meditation & Health Filled Food Preparation. 3-5-10 Day Your House or In-House Retreats.

To find out more about how you can tune into The Love Channel contact us at innourish@gmail.com. Text: 64 (0) 21 028 74331. inNourish.net.

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