Preparing for a month long hunker down deep detox is getting ready for the journey: sorting through what you have, gathering what you need and packing your bags. So let’s get down to it.

Mise en place: Everything in its place.

Glass Jars and Bottles. At least BPA Free BPA or bisphenol-A is a chemical found in the lining of cans and is used in making plastic containers of all kinds. Look on the bottom of your plastic containers and see the numbers. Plastic items labeled with the recycling numbers 3 and 7 or the letters "PC" likely contain BPA. Avoid BPA! REcycle your cordial bottle as it has a wide mouth, is easy to clean and gets a liter of liquid into you.

• Fruit & Veggie In the coming days we’ll outline the alkalizing fruits and vegetables. The reason you might want to stick to these in case you have bloating, constipation, and/or weight gain. Acidic foods cause mucus and having suffered copious amounts of unending detritus coming from my nose over Christmas you don’t want excess mucous. Mucous is what protects our tissues and is produced by the immune system. Another discussion another time

Sources of Fruit and Veggie: To Organic or not to Organic, that is the question. We are not going to debate the issue of organic over non-organic however, for this month, we are going to eschew organic as concentrated juices concentrate chemicals. End of story. Please share your sources of organic produce with us here. In many areas, you can get an organic food box through CSA or Community Sponsored Agriculture. Great Movie - The Real Dirt on Farmer John.

Shat Kriyas additional aids. Okay, so this is a bit uncomfortable for some people but, part of the journey is being curious and “giving it a go.” We are talking enemas bags, tongue scrapers, and Neti Pots. These are deeper levels but we won’t go there now.

Juicers There are four standard juicers recommended: The Champion, The Green Power, Hurom, and Oscar. Look at Trademe for these as they are all pricey. The only other option is to buy cold-pressed organic juices. Preparing and juicing takes about an hour for three juices. You can do up to 5 juices a day. ALWAYS dilute your juices 1 part water to two parts juice or half and half. Drinking concentrated juice is very hard on your teeth and is work-intensive. Norman Walker Cleansing the Juicing Guru.

What are the best times to juice?

Twice yearly. Ideally, the Spring is a good time to do a Liver Cleanse and in the Autumn, before Solstice, to set yourself up for the cold long winter. These fasts can be from 3 days to a month. It’s like an oil change for your vehicle.

In addition consider - Intermittent Fasting: light dinner before 7 pm and fast until morning breakfast.